WWT 2B Brown

Municipal and industrial waste water treatment

WWT 2B Brown is a multi-purpose formula designed for treatment of waste water organic content including FOG, chemical, hydrocarbon, pulp and paper, dairy and milk waste, food, fruit/vegetable/wine, and food processing.

Applications: SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor), Treatment plants, activated sludge systems, trickling filter and rotating biological contactors and lagoon systems, Municipal and Industrial Collection Systems


Reduces the accumulation of unsightly deposits of grease and fat

Increases efficiency and performance of treatment systems

Helps prevent the blocking, ponding and possible collapse of filter-bed media

Significantly reduces odor problems

Enhances BOD and COD removal while improving sludge settlement

Minimizes grease caps and FOG build-up

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count 2 Billion CFU per gram
Bacterial Type Non-pathogenic microbes
Color Brown
Fragrance None
Gram Negatives Not present
pH 6 - 9.5
Temperature Range 20 - 40 Celsius
Warranty 2 Year
Storage Temperature 10 - 20 Celsius
Storage Humidity 30 - 60%
Directions for Use

Flow Rate Initial Dosage Maintenance**
Up to 1,000 gpd ½ lbs. per day for 3 days ½ lb. per week
Up to 5,000 gpd ½ lbs. per day for 3 days 1lb. per week
Up to 20,000 gpd 5 lbs.* 1½ lb. per week
Up to 50,000 gpd 8 lbs.* 2 lb. per week
Up to 250,000 gpd 15 lbs.* ¼ lb. per day
Up to 500,000 gpd 25 lbs.* ½ lb. per day
Up to 1 mgd 50 lbs.* 1 lb. per day
Up to 5 mgd 50 lbs. per mgd* 1 lb. per mgd per day
Up to 12 mgd 50 lbs. per mgd* ¾ lb. per mgd per day
Up to 100 mgd 30 lbs. per mgd* ½ lb. per mgd per day

* Spread this initial dosage out over the course of 10 days.
** Add as regularly as possible. If it is required to miss one day, add that day’s product with the next dosage.

Dosage rate will vary with flow rates, retention times and system variations. The rates above are for a typical, well maintained system.

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