Recreational & Decorative Water

Controlling the health and physical qualities of man-made and natural bodies of water is imperative for preserving ecological balance, aesthetic appeal, functional benefits and long-term preservation. EnviroZyme offers natural, effective microbial products to:

  • Improve water clarity by limiting floating debris and filtering sunlight
  • Eliminate accumulation of sludge or sediment and related foul odors
  • Divert nutrients from algae and nuisance plants, facilitating competitive exclusion from the environment
  • Enrich aesthetic and public perception without harm to aquatic life
Recreational & Decorative Water


Sludge & Muck Reduction

Sludge & Muck Reduction

Sludge and muck are composed of leaves, grass, fish food, dead algae, and other organic materials that settle and decay. EnviroZyme offers biological products that work to break down and properly degrade organic matter to:

  • Prevent sludge accumulation and reduce sludge layer thickness
  • Maintain oxygen levels to keep fish and other organisms alive and healthy
  • Decrease floating organic matter and improve water clarity
  • Prevent algae blooms caused by imbalanced phosphorus and nitrogen levels
  • Promote aerobic degradation for fewer foul odors

Tailored Treatment Solutions

Aquatic Environment Nitrogen Cycle

Aquatic Environment Nitrogen Cycle


Biological Cycle

Recreational and decorative water environments create their own invisible ecosystem. An unbalanced cycle can result in murky water, unhealthy aquatic life, and undesirable odors.


Microbial Influence

The types of microorganisms present and the biomass’s efficiency directly influence the health of biological cycles and aquatic ecosystems.


Regaining Balance

With a large microbial portfolio, EnviroZyme’s blends effectively supplement naturally occurring microorganisms to enhance water quality.

Holistic Approach to Treatment

Holistic Approach to Treatment


Waste Accumulation

Regular, proactive maintenance is the best method of controlling waste in a body of water, and we offer blends of highly energetic strains in formats to treat every layer.


Solid Format

Our solid products sink into the sludge bed and can be used for localized treatment islands and trouble spots in addition to treating the entire pond.


Pouch Format

Water-soluble pouches contain floating carriers that help bacteria break down and digest floating debris before it sinks to the pond floor.

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From property analysis to technical assistance, our team is committed to helping owners and service providers form an effective treatment plan for remediation or maintenance of commercial and residential bodies of water. This includes:

  • Bio-based products
  • Process functions
  • Equipment modifications
  • Technical training

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Product Selector Guide

Normal operations mean efficient, cost-effective and on-schedule progress. That is why we have created a product selector guide to help you troubleshoot disruptions, streamline the decision-making process, and ultimately get your plant back to normal faster.

Answer a few simple questions, and our product selector guide will pick the best product for your treatment challenge.

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Create Your Own Brand

EnviroZyme has the ability to contract manufacture product solutions for service providers, distributors, retail buyers, or manufacturers seeking to reliably simplify and consolidate their offering.

  • Existing high-performing formulations and packaging solutions
  • R&D team and full lab for custom formulation needs
  • Rigorous quality control process to ensure products meet specifications

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Cultivating aquatic organisms under controlled conditions requires delicate care and treatment. We offer safe solutions to improve diverse aquaculture operations.
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Technical Consulting

Our technical consulting services empower wastewater treatment plants to meet their environmental, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency targets.
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