Compost Accelerant

Nutrient Rich Soil Amendment

Compost Accelerant


  • Saves space
  • Makes composting more economical
  • Non-corrosive / Non-acidic

Compost Accelerant

Nutrient Rich Soil Amendment

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Compost Accelerant is a specially formulated blend of enzyme producing bacteria, nutrients and micronutrients that accelerate the natural compost degradation cycle.

With regular application, our Compost Accelerant will produce nutrient rich, soil improving humus in 6-9 weeks, even in large compost piles with increased temperature and lower levels of oxygen. Compost Accelerant is effective in accelerating almost all organic materials including, but not limited to: fruit and vegetable waste, yard waste (wood chips, lawn trimmings, grass clippings), manure, aquatic weeds (harvested), egg shells, and shredded newspaper.

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