WWT 2B Brown

Performance COD Reduction - Brown

WWT 2B Brown


  • Reduces the accumulation of unsightly deposits of grease and fat
  • Increases efficiency and performance of treatment systems
  • Helps prevent the blocking, ponding and possible collapse of filter-bed media
  • Significantly reduces odor problems
  • Enhances BOD and COD removal while improving sludge settlement
  • Minimizes grease caps and FOG build-up

WWT 2B Brown

Performance COD Reduction - Brown

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Date of Disclosure: 2024-01-05T11:23:00

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WWT 2B Brown is a multi-purpose formula designed for treatment of waste water organic content including FOG, chemical, hydrocarbon, pulp and paper, dairy and milk waste, food, fruit/vegetable/wine, and food processing.

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