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Micro Solutions. Major Impact.

EnviroZyme believes in the power of microbial solutions to protect people and the planet.

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Microscopic Analysis
Submit your water sample today to address foaming problems. Our microscopic analyses addresses the 4 keys to biomass, including Floc, Filaments, Higher life forms and Bulk Water.
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wastewater treatment

Water and Environmental Technologies
Experiencing an upset, have product questions, or need technical support? Connect with an expert to meet and exceed your water and environmental technologies goals.
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We Custom Ferment

Contract Fermentation
No matter what the application is, EnviroZyme uses specific chemistry to produce custom biologicals that are consistent in count accuracy and always perform at optimal levels.
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Find your perfect solution.

EnviroZyme currently has more than 20 bacterial strains in production, available in powder, liquid or solid configurations. With many off-the-shelf strains in inventory, we can solve your needs fast and easily, without added production time or cost.

Also, EnviroZyme does have the ability to custom ferment. Want us to grow your own strain for production for your manufacture? Or create a unique blend or special pack size? No problem.

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NEW Solutions for Tough-to-Treat Industrial Waste Streams

Micro Solutions. Major Impact.

Why Petrochemical Wastewater Is Difficult to Treat and What You Can Do About It

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