Aquaculture is a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector of the global economy and an essential component of the world's food production landscape. Cultivating aquatic organisms through breeding, rearing, and harvesting under controlled conditions requires delicate care and treatment. We offer safe solutions that enable diverse aquaculture operations to:

  • Enhance biosecurity by ensuring water is within quality parameters and restricting accumulation of toxins
  • Increase yields with improved ecosystem health and competitive exclusion
  • Comply with wastewater discharge and other environmental impact criteria
  • Reduce expenses related additives and sludge handling and disposal


Ammonia & Nitrogen Compound Removal

Ammonia & Nitrogen Compound Removal

Stock waste can dramatically increase nitrogen levels. Removal of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates is an especially important and difficult process to maintain in aquaculture. EnviroZyme can help with solutions that:

  • Enhance conditions for better health and greater stocking density
  • Make the nitrification and denitrification processes more robust for more efficient ammonia removal
    • Ammonia can very quickly escalate to toxic levels and lead to kills
    • Prolonged exposure to lower ammonia levels can cause harm over time
  • Shorten recovery time after spikes, improve effluent, and reduce permit violations
  • Increase the lifespan of critical pieces of equipment by preventing ammonia-related corrosion

The Right Microorganisms, for Life

Water Quality

Water Quality



Water quality must be monitored to maintain a healthy aquatic environment. Key parameters vary by species, but should fall within ideal ranges listed above.


Organism Health

Small deviations in water quality negatively impact aquatic life and can result in emaciation, gill opercula malformation, and gill filament ulceration.


Specialized Solutions

With a large microbial portfolio, our blends are much more effective than naturally occurring microorganisms at enhancing rearing water quality, especially in high stocking densities.

Ammonia Conversion

Ammonia Conversion



Fish waste is in the form of ammonia and ammonium. Nitrification prevents these from rising to toxic levels via conversion into less toxic compounds, nitrite and nitrate, through nitrifying bacteria.



Following nitrification, denitrification converts remaining unwanted nitrites into nitrogen gas, removing bioavailable nitrogen and returning it to the atmosphere.


Two-Pronged Approach

EnviroZyme's nitrification solutions are formulated with a blend of nitrifying microorganisms to provide a consistent seed of both nitrifiers and denitrifiers for ammonia and nitrate conversions.

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Whether offshore, near shore, pond-based, or recirculating, water quality is a critical factor in any production system. We can provide a free assessment and offer suggestions on sustainable treatment strategies as part of a comprehensive flock health program, including:

  • Bio-based products
  • Process functions
  • Equipment modifications
  • Technical training

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Product Selector Guide

Normal operations mean efficient, cost-effective and on-schedule progress. That is why we have created a product selector guide to help you troubleshoot disruptions, streamline the decision-making process, and ultimately get your plant back to normal faster.

Answer a few simple questions, and our product selector guide will pick the best product for your treatment challenge.

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Need a Custom Solution?

EnviroZyme formulates and blends high-quality strains, as well as IP-owned microbes to deliver custom solutions. We can match your system’s water composition to specific bacteria based on the enzymes they produce. Because EnviroZyme is U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered for the fermentation of probiotics for additives in animal feed, we can also supply probiotics as a raw material for direct-fed microbials.

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We supply specialized microbes as raw materials for sustainable product alternatives to prophylactic and growth-promoting antibiotics and harmful agrochemicals.
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Our technical consulting services empower wastewater treatment plants to meet their environmental, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency targets.
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