Improved Oil Degradation Saves $120,000/Year at Petrochemical WWTP

Improved Oil Degradation Saves $120,000/Year at Petrochemical WWTP

June 21, 2024

BioRemove HC improved degradation of organics loading, resulting in a significant reduction of powdered activated carbon (PAC) use at a petrochemical wastewater facility.


  • PAC use reduced by 54%
  • Effluent TSS reduced by 26%
  • Effluent BOD below permitted levels


The microbial community was evaluated to determine whether it could be enhanced to improve performance. BioRemove HC was recommended due to its blend of specially selected microorganisms with unique hydrocarbon degradation capabilities.


PAC addition was gradually reduced as hydrocarbon removal increased. Through the addition of BioRemove HC, the microbial community was able to better handle incoming loads. The plant was ultimately able to reduce PAC use by 54% without adversely impacting effluent quality.

Annual Cost Savings
Material savings due to PAC reduction $102,900
Sludge disposal savings due to PAC reduction $17,700


BioRemove HC was able to enhance the microbial community, improving hydrocarbon degradation and reducing PAC use. BioRemove HC resulted in:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved plant efficiency
  • Simplified operations

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