Manufacturing Capabilities

Choose Your Configuration

Choose Your Configuration

EnviroZyme offers a diverse array of configurations in solid, liquid, and powder formats to deliver on your off-the-shelf and contract fermentation needs.

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Powders are the most effective, highest count product form, allowing for discrete dose control.

Packaging sizes range from small and ready-to-use to bulk super sacks of 2,000 pounds. Powders are also available in water-soluble packets for fast, hassle-free dosing.


Liquids offer the convenience of timed, pumpable doses and allow up to 30 days between service.

Liquids are available in quarts to tanker loads and every packaging size in between. EnviroZyme offers non-formulated liquids for custom formulations and fully formulated liquids and concentrates for further formulation or dilution.



Solids consistently deliver bacteria over a period of time and can include other water treatment chemicals

Dissolution rates range from 30 hours to 90 days, depending on the solid’s chemistry, size, aspect ratio, and the temperature and flow of the placement environment. We provide diverse extruded solid shapes in sizes suited to institutional as well as municipal and industrial applications, from 2 ounces all the way up to 30 pounds.