3 Ways EnviroZyme® Is a Global Leader in the Bioaugmentation Industry

3 Ways EnviroZyme® Is a Global Leader in the Bioaugmentation Industry

October 26, 2022

EnviroZyme® is a leader in the development of innovative biological technologies. Our advanced capabilities produce clean air, water, and energy while directly reflecting our commitment to quality, economic growth, and long-term sustainability. EnviroZyme is a leader in the bioaugmentation industry. Continue reading to learn why.

Contract Fermentation

EnviroZyme is one of the few in the bioaugmentation industry that can ferment beneficial bacteria. Our contract fermentation service and capabilities set a new standard for consistency and quality in the bioaugmentation industry. From a state-of-the-art facility, our team formulates and blends high-quality bacillus strains as well as IP-owned microbes to deliver custom solutions.

Unlike other manufacturers who purchase generalized bacterial strains and use them in every product, we are able to highly specialize our solutions for superior performance. A full technical lab, complete with 4,000- and 30,000-liter main fermenters with high oxygen transfer rate and a 1,000-liter seed fermenter, make it possible to fit the needs of every customer. Click here to learn how we can contract ferment the perfect biological solution for your business.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We understand every facility is different and requires different product configurations to ensure proper treatment. EnviroZyme offers a diverse array of products in solid, liquid, and powder formulas to deliver on off-the-shelf and contract fermentation needs. From organism to finished product, we control every process.

  • Powders are the most effective, highest-count product form that allows for discrete dose control. We have package sizes ranging from small and ready-to-use to bulk super sacks of 2,000 pounds. Powders are also available in water-soluble packets for fast, hassle-free dosing. Simply add the product directly to an application for easy dosing.
  • Liquids offer the convenience of timed, pumpable doses and allow up to 30 days between services. They are available in quarts to tanker loads and every packaging size in between. EnviroZyme offers fully formulated liquids for custom formulations and non-formulated liquids and concentrates for further formulation or dilution.
  • Solids consistently deliver bacteria over a period of time and can include other water treatment chemicals. Dissolution rates range from 30 hours to 90 days, depending on the solid’s chemistry, size, aspect ratio, and the temperature and flow of the placement environment. EnviroZyme provides diverse extruded solid shapes in sizes suited to institutional as well as municipal and industrial applications, from 2 ounces all the way up to 30 pounds.

EnviroZyme also has the capability to contract manufacture with organizations. We can tailor a wide variety of high-quality formulas and packaging solutions to specific market requirements that enable our diverse partners to hone their competitive edge by driving profitability and customer loyalty. In collaboration with key account representatives, professional marketers, and graphic artists, our contract packaging offerings include:

  • Label design
  • Packaging graphics
  • Product and application photos
  • Traditional marketing and sales collateral
  • Training assets
  • Digital advertisements

Our manufacturing facility covers 20,000 sq. ft. with over a mile of process piping. We are also a compliance leader as an ISO 9001:2015 certified, cGMP-compliant, and FDA-registered business. This allows us to stand out from the competition and provide solutions well beyond the standard. Click here to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.

Technical Consulting

We’re more than just a manufacturer. Our team will work directly with customers to solve microbial challenges and create an action plan on how to care for a system. Our strong reputation for quality standards, innovation strategies, and proven results allows EnviroZyme to offer clients an array of consultation services. Our team of industry leaders include:

  • Fermentation experts
  • Degreed fermentation technicians
  • Chemical engineers
  • Biologists
  • Research and development team
  • Quality control team
  • Regulatory team

Through technical consulting, our customers have multiple ways to get in touch with our team of experts and receive real world advice and recommendations on how to improve efficiency and save on cost and labor.

The Future

With the recent acquisition of certain assets of Novozymes®* wastewater business, EnviroZyme’s capabilities have reached new heights by broadening the products, services, and expertise already offered by the team. With plans to have the acquisition fully funded during the first quarter of 2023, we look forward to sharing more innovations and the positive impact this acquisition will have on EnviroZyme business and capabilities.

*Novozymes is a registered trademark of Novozymes A/S

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