NEW: All Purpose Wastewater Treatment for Aquaculture

NEW: All Purpose Wastewater Treatment for Aquaculture

November 28, 2023

Our newest product Organics Control-D is an excellent choice for all-purpose organics reduction for aquaculture and other industries including municipal and industrial. A highly effective water-soluble blend of microorganisms and nutrients provide efficient breakdown and management of BOD, COD, FOG, and other organics.

Organics Control-D is a completely water-soluble product and can be easily tossed in for simple application and dosing in both day-to-day maintenance and system upset recovery. It’s available in pouches or in bulk powder to meet the needs of every wastewater treatment plant.

Organics Control-D can be paired with other W.E.T. products such as Nitrifier for ammonia conversion or Rapid Release FOG Block in situations where difficult conditions demand a complex solution.


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