Organics Control-D

High Performance COD Reduction – Aquaculture

Organics Control-D


  • Water-soluble formulation and packaging for simple dosing and application
  • Broad spectrum application for use across many industries
  • Robust formula targets BOD/COD/FOG and other organics
  • Use for daily maintenance or to regain control in upset situations

Organics Control-D

High Performance COD Reduction – Aquaculture

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Organics Control-D is a highly effective water-soluble blend of microorganisms and nutrients designed for general, all-purpose organics reduction in most types of wastewater systems, including aquaculture. Organics Control-D provides excellent breakdown and management of BOD/COD/FOG and other organics in both day-to-day maintenance and for system upset recovery. It can be paired with products such as Nitrifier for ammonia conversion or Rapid Release FOG Block in situations where difficult conditions demand a complex solution.

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