Septic Treatment

Residential waste degrader and maintainer 5billion cfu/gram

For household and Institutional waste that is disposed of through the septic system. The proper operation of this system is essential to health, property value, and the environment. Septic Treatment helps your septic system by facilitating the breakdown of many household organic wastes.

Applications: Residential septic systems, Small municipal and industrial septic systems


Restores the natural biological process

Maintains optimum system performance

Boosts biological activity for improved waste digestion

Helps to prevent expensive emergencies and additional pumping costs

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count 5 Billion CFU per gram
Bacterial Type Non-pathogenic microbes
Color Brown
Fragrance None
Gram Negatives Not present
pH 6 - 9.5
Temperature Range 20 - 40 Celsius
Warranty 2 Year
Storage Temperature 10 - 20 Celsius
Storage Humidity 30 - 60%
Directions for Use

Simply drop in the convenient pre-packaged, pre-measured pouches into your lavatory bowl. The plastic pouches dissolve away so you don’t have to handle the powder.

• Call your pumper regularly to clean out the organic and inorganic sludge in your septic tank. The frequency of pumping will depend on the size of your system, the number of people in the household, and the previous care the system has received. Rely on their expert knowledge and experience to set up a pumping schedule.

• Once your tank has been pumped, monthly applications of Septic Treatment will maintain the bacterial level in your tank and leach field. This is needed for optimal system performance.

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