OdorCap® 5700

Sulfite & VFA Based Odor Control and Counteractant

OdorCap® 5700


  • Increases degradation of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and volatile fatty acids
  • Reduces odor complaints
  • Reduces spending on odor control
  • Works within the existing plant infrastructure

OdorCap® 5700

Sulfite & VFA Based Odor Control and Counteractant

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OdorCap® 5700 contains an advanced blend of microorganisms that targets the main odors associated with wastewater treatment plants, including sulfides, mercaptans, organic acids, and sludge odors. OdorCap 5700 is a biological odor control solution for general wastewater applications and sludges. It contains a high concentration of odor degrading microorganisms for long-term odor prevention.

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