BioVentris® P

Methane Production and Solids Reduction

BioVentris® P

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  • Plug-and-play solution that only requires a set of pumps to be installed at the inlet of the digester
  • Up to 15% increase in biogas production
  • More sustainable operations through increased energy recovery, less energy use and lower carbon footprint
  • Reduced flocculant use – up to 10% reduction in polymer consumption

BioVentris® P

Methane Production and Solids Reduction

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BioVentris® P, a cellulase solution, is designed for municipal sewage treatment plants equipped with anaerobic digesters (AD). BioVentris C improves organic conversion efficiency in the digester, resulting in increased gas production and reduced sludge for disposal after dewatering.

Used in conjunction with BioVentris® C.

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