Water & Environmental Technologies

Access to clean, safe water dictates the health and viability of our planet. EnviroZyme prioritizes the development of enzyme-based wastewater solutions, from BOD control to septic treatments. The depth of our product offerings deliver simple-yet-effective cross-industry solutions, including the following:

  • Complete municipal and industrial wastewater management
  • Anaerobic system maintenance and recovery
    • Proper maintenance improves methane yield
  • Long-lasting odor control and mitigation
  • General system startup and upset recovery
Water & Environmental Technologies

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Developing effective microbial solutions for water resource recovery facilities is what EnviroZyme does best. In our mission to deliver clean water worldwide, we are prepared to optimize your facility’s system processes, no matter the industry. Contact us today to take full advantage of our experts’ innovative strategies, including:

  • Customized solutions for organic and inorganic challenges
  • Technical training for operators to ensure efficient procedures
  • Specialized facility analyses conducted by our skilled microbial consultants

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Global Industrial Water Use

17% of global water withdrawal is used for industrial purposes. From cooling equipment to in-plant transportation, water is an essential piece of the industrial process.

Over 10 trillion cubic meters of water are used annually for industrial applications. The United States is the top consumer, withdrawing 248.4 billion cubic meters every year. As Earth’s population continues to increase, water scarcity is a growing concern. Contributing to sustainable treatment solutions for our planet’s most important renewable resource is one of EnviroZyme’s top priorities.


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