New W.E.T. Products for COD and FOG Reduction

New W.E.T. Products for COD and FOG Reduction

March 27, 2024

Introducing 3 new Water & Environmental Technologies (W.E.T) products to our robust wastewater treatment portfolio!

BioRemove 5190, available in pouches and pails, contains a combination of microorganisms that are specifically selected to treat a broad spectrum of highly complex wastewaters. Furthermore, it treats industrial wastewater to improve COD reduction and overall plant stability. BioRemove 5190 is formulated for the Canadian region and meets DSL requirements.

Maintaining a healthy microbial community with BioRemove 5180 enhances plant efficiency and simplifies operations by improving BOD and COD degradation, floc formation, and settleability. For distribution across Asia Pacific territories, BioRemove 5180 is formulated with different strains that offer the same features and benefits as BioRemove 5190.

BioRemove 3280 is formulated with microorganisms that quickly and completely degrade fats, oils, and grease (FOG) buildup. They were selected for their superior ability to aggressively target FOG while being robust enough to thrive in a wide range of different plant systems and varying effluent characteristics.

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