Launch: New W.E.T. Products

Launch: New W.E.T. Products

October 26, 2023

EnviroZyme® is dedicated to supplying sustainable and effective wastewater treatment solutions by continuously expanding our Water & Environmental Technologies (W.E.T.) line to fulfill the needs of our customers. 2 new additions to our W.E.T. line have officially launched, each targeting specific areas to enhance wastewater treatment plant performance.

BioSpikes® 5000

As its name suggests, dense spikes rapidly sink to the bottom of a lagoon, releasing billions of microorganisms, powerful enzymes, and essential micronutrients directly into the sludge layer. It minimizes settled sludge volume and reduces solids for many municipal and industrial wastewater lagoon operations.

BioSpikes 5000 ensures rapid stimulation of biological activity, which will reduce dredging frequency, increase hydraulic retention time, and improve overall lagoon performance.


BioRemove HC

BioRemove HC improves effluent quality and plant stability through enhanced hydrocarbon degradation in refining and petrochemical wastewater. Hydrocarbons degrade slowly and can cause an increase in the oil and grease concentrations, leading to filamentous outbreaks.

BioRemove HC contains a variety of organisms that target hydrocarbons, making it the most effective biological product available for improving hydrocarbon degradation in wastewater treatment.


BioSpikes 500 and BioRemove HC can enhance the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants.

Please contact your EnviroZyme representative for product-specific recommendations and a referral to a distributor.

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