LAUNCH: Enhance Phenol Degradation with BioRemove Phenol

LAUNCH: Enhance Phenol Degradation with BioRemove Phenol

January 24, 2024

In the context of wastewater, phenols are often considered pollutants, especially when present in high concentrations. They can lead to toxicity and floc disruptions within refining and petrochemical wastewater treatment plants. As a result, treatment becomes less efficient, settling worsens, and the plant could be at risk of permit violations. Phenols are degradable but require the right microorganisms to improve plant stability and effluent quality.

The solution? BioRemove Phenol, our newest product, is formulated with specially selected microorganisms with the ability to tolerate high concentrations of phenols and degrade them. It eliminates any phenol-related surcharges, permit violations, and inefficiencies. BioRemove Phenol can be used for multiple applications, including daily dosing to maintain microbial health, increased dosing during high loading or upsets, and seeding during plant start-up.


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