Microbiological Treatment for Grease in Pipes

Microbiological Treatment for Grease in Pipes

August 26, 2021


A production plant in the pork supply industry faced issues with grease clogging production pipelines and causing foul odors. From July 29 to October 29, EnviroZyme® Concentrated Grease Control 10X was added to the pipes once a week to determine whether or not it would be effective against the ongoing grease problems.


Before Concentrated Grease Control 10X was implemented, the plant weighed the amount of grease skimmed from the grease traps as a reference point. Data was taken during May and June before the study started. The amount of grease removed during each of the 2 months was less than 31 pounds, which is considered a normal value without using a product.

In mid-July, prior to treatment, a clog occurred in the preparation area gutters. It required the cleaning of networks that removed 51 pounds of grease and an exploration of hydraulic networks. A total of 3,086 pounds of grease were removed during the cleanup operation.

Treatment Plan

Concentrated Grease Control 10X is specifically formulated and designed to maintain systems with high grease and oil contents. It was applied every Sunday, when the plant was not in production, from July 29 to October 29. The overall goal was to permanently break down existing grease and the grease adhered to pipelines and lay down an ongoing treatment layer to prevent further buildup and associated malodors. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduction of grease buildup
  • Savings on line jetting
  • Lower grease disposal costs


During August, the first full month of the experiment, there were no significant changes in the grease amount, because Concentrated Grease Control 10X’s cleaning properties were beginning to take effect. Around 42 pounds of grease were skimmed total throughout August.

In September, the data showed specific peaks of grease in the traps once Concentrated Grease Control 10X was in full effect. The product was working as stated, cleaning and washing away grease in the pipelines. Loosened chunks of grease also appeared in the traps. 216 pounds of grease were skimmed total. October data had similar peaks of grease with a total of 358 pounds skimmed.

The plant also reported there was no clogging in the production area pipelines and no odors during the 3 months of treatment.


In general, more grease was found in the grease traps because Concentrated Grease Control 10X was successfully keeping pipes clear and pushing grease into the trap for degradation. The grease was also more solubilized, which made it very easy flowing during the skimming process. The treatment was considered efficient and effective in preventing clogging and foul odors, while saving money associated with physical cleaning and disposal.

Concentrated Grease Control 10X is a multi-use product that can also be used for grease digestion in sewers, lift stations, septic systems, and general cleaning on indoor and outdoor hard surfaces.

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