$10,000 Saved in Fixed-Film Reactor FOG Cleaning Costs

$10,000 Saved in Fixed-Film Reactor FOG Cleaning Costs

February 14, 2024

BioRemove FOG Boost was used as an alternative to physical cleaning to save a country club an estimated $10,000 in costs by effectively removing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from a fixed-film reactor located underground.


  • Cleaning costs lowered by $10,000, reducing FOG and FOG-related blockages
  • Improved plant efficiency by better degradation of FOG
  • Simplified operations by preventing 2+ weeks of plant downtime, reducing the time and effort for FOG removal


A country club golf course was experiencing problems with its onsite wastewater system, which was producing poor effluent quality. Following investigation, the underground fixed-film wastewater treatment system had become so clogged with grease that the stationary media were starting to float. To clean the media manually would have meant digging up the entire system, which would have cost an estimated $10,000 and taken 2 or more weeks. The facility manager was looking for a better, more cost-effective alternative.


A site visit and examination of the aeration chamber determined the severity of the problem. When FOG gets into the wastewater treatment system, it can induce blockages, foul sensors, and cause foaming problems. Even though FOG is biodegradable, in many systems, the microbial community does not contain sufficient presence of the right microorganisms to keep FOG levels under control.

After detailed analysis, BioRemove FOG Boost was recommended to degrade the FOG buildup in the reactor. BioRemove FOG Boost contains patented microorganisms specially designed to break down fats, oils, and grease quickly and completely. It works to minimize problems and optimize a wastewater systems' ability to handle excess FOG. It was also recommended that BioRemove FOG Boost be added regularly after normally scheduled cleaning to maximize bioreactor efficiency.


BioRemove FOG Boost was added into the reactor for 4 days. After the recirculation period, the flow was brought online, and a maintenance dosage was continued. A follow-up assessment at the end of the treatment period determined that the system was unclogged and that wastewater effluent quality had been restored.


BioRemove FOG Boost was able to lower operating costs, simplify operations, and reduce FOG removal costs for the facility. Without bioaugmentation, the country club would have faced a costly and inconvenient excavation project, resulting in significant downtime. The solution also boosted the wastewater system’s efficiency by improving FOG degradation. The biological solution was shown to be an effective alternative to manual cleaning, and the following benefits were realized by utilizing BioRemove FOG Boost:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved plant efficiency
  • Simplified operations

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