New Products to Boost FOG-Destroying Microorganisms

BioRemove FOG Boost (1)Fats, oils, and greases (FOG) are the root cause of many wastewater plant operational issues—
  • Can foul sensors, cause foaming, and encourage the growth of filamentous organisms in the treatment system
  • Can cause permit violations if it passes through to the effluent
  • Can impact dewatering if it becomes entrained in the floc

FOG is biodegradable but requires the right microorganisms to keep FOG levels under control. While our W.E.T. line has long offered solutions for general daily maintenance, the following products are new to EnviroZyme and both contain microorganisms specially designed for more advanced FOG control. resulting in lowered operating costs, improved plant efficiency, and simplified operations.

BioRemove FOG and BioRemove FOG Boost both contain microorganisms specially designed to degrade FOG quickly and completely. Microorganisms aggressively target FOG but are also robust enough to in a wide range of plants’ different systems and effluent characteristics.

  • Reduce FOG-related surcharges
  • Improves FOG degradation
  • Reduces FOG-related filamentous bulking

BioRemove FOG Boost “boosts” treatment, thanks to fast-acting enzymes that provide immediate results. To learn more about BioRemove FOG Boost, click here. To learn more about BioRemove FOG, click here.

Please contact your EnviroZyme representative for product-specific recommendations and a referral to a distributor.

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