New Family of Products for Municipal/Industrial Wastewater Treatment

BioRemove FamMunicipal wastewater contains a diverse array of organics that stem from multiple sources, which brings complexities into wastewater treatment and recovery. Additionally, industrial wastewater presents a unique set of treatment challenges due to fluctuations in production and harsh chemicals that often make their way into wastewater. These chemicals can inhibit biological activity and be difficult to break down.

To help improve effluent quality and plant stability within municipal and industrial wastewater, we are pleased to unveil our latest Water and Environment Technologies product family—BioRemove COD, BioRemove COD LT, and BioRemove COD SF.

  • BioRemove COD, the group’s flagship product, is the most versatile product for municipal and industrial wastewater and is effective on highly complex waste streams. It offers a diverse set of microorganisms that target a wide range of organics found in a variety of industries. BioRemove COD delivers the broadest range of biological activity and helps maintain wastewater system compliance and control. Click here to learn more.
  • BioRemove COD LT improves effluent quality and plant stability through enhanced COD degradation at low temperatures. It has a vast range of biological activity, including a blend of psychrophilic microorganisms effective at 2°C / 36°F that maintain wastewater system compliance and control. Click here to learn more.
  • BioRemove COD SF provides the most effective microorganisms for biologically degrading surfactants, which are used for cleaning at almost all industrial facilities and can cause foaming and lead to floc disruptions. This product is formulated with microorganisms that can degrade anionic and nonionic surfactants, including nonylphenol ethoxylates and alcohol ethoxylates. Click here to learn more.

Conquer municipal and industrial wastewater upsets and issues before they happen with BioRemove COD, BioRemove COD LT, and BioRemove COD SF, available now in various sizes. To contact an EnviroZyme® representative to see which product would be best for your facility, click here.

Please contact your EnviroZyme representative for product-specific recommendations and a referral to a distributor.

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