EnviroZyme® Eliminates FOG Buildup from Floor in Simple but Powerful Experiment

With today’s busy environment and long hours, finding the time to properly and thoroughly clean floors is almost impossible for many commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores, and food preparation areas across industries. Over time, fat, oil, and grease (FOG) buildup creates deeply packed-in soil, especially with porous tile and in hard-to-reach grout lines, cracks, crevices, and corners. This buildup creates the increased possibility for slip and fall accidents. 

Using conventional products will spread FOG around, intensifying the slipperiness of floors. 

EnviroZyme® has provided a turnkey product that continues to work after application to address these problems.

No-Rinse Floor Cleaner 5X has been uniquely formulated for 2-way cleaning. It provides:

• Quick initial results by attacking FOG and soils on contact.
• Subsequent continuous cleaning and deodorizing, as the remaining solution left on the floor breaks down FOG and soils left in the grout.

What could be simpler than having a floor cleaner work to create a clean and safe environment while employees are not there? To allow our customers to see for themselves, we set up and documented the results of an experiment, which can be easily replicated as follows:

1. Soak sponge with No-Rinse Floor Cleaner 5X.
2. Place wet sponge on floor.
3. Cover the tile with plastic wrap and tape (be sure the tape is secure).
4. Put a bucket on top of the area to increase effectiveness.
5. Allow the product time to work.
6. Remove the bucket and tape.

This small area represents what will happen to floor tile within the next 24 hours after No-Rinse Floor Cleaner 5X is applied, as enzymes and targeted bacteria remove embedded residual FOG and organics. Here are our results:

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Look how clean the floor is; the tile is no longer slick, and the grout is bright and clean. Imagine using No-Rinse Floor Cleaner 5X on an entire kitchen floor and easily achieving results like these:

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