EnviroZyme® Closes on Novozymes® Wastewater Business Unit Assets

We are proud to announce that EnviroZyme® has closed on certain wastewater business assets from Novozymes®* A/S, acquiring full ownership of the unit on January 31. Novozymes is the largest provider of biological solutions and enzyme and microbial technologies to improve industrial performance while preserving the planet's resources and helping build better lives. By integrating these assets from Novozymes into our overall portfolio, it has allowed us to broaden our bioaugmentation offerings and global footprint beyond those of any other business in the wastewater space.

"This acquisition has established EnviroZyme as the number one provider in the wastewater and bioaugmentation industry."

"This has been a historic venture for the EnviroZyme business," Brad Betz, President and Chief Executive Officer, said. "We are thrilled with how this acquisition has established EnviroZyme as the number one provider in the wastewater and bioaugmentation industry by fleshing out our breadth of line with these new wastewater business assets and widening our customer base around the world."

With the close of this transaction, we deliver an expanded product lineup and superior technical service capabilities to our diverse and global range of customers. Our team has worked hard to ensure the transition goes smoothly for current and new customers.

"We would like to thank the Novozymes team for their professionalism throughout and our various partners who provided assistance during the process," Toby Jercovich, Chief Financial Officer, said. "We welcome all the former Novozymes customers to the EnviroZyme family and look forward to delivering exceptional service and solutions to them."

*Novozymes is a registered trademark of Novozymes A/S

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