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About Envirozyme®
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Who We Are

Headquartered in Bowling Green, Ohio, EnviroZyme is a world leader in the bioaugmentation industry. We leverage the power of naturally sustainable microbial solutions to effectively solve problems for people and the planet — without sacrificing quality or performance.

Our team of expert scientists and strategists collaborate to create, blend, and package custom and off-the-shelf microbial solutions for our clients. As a cGMP-compliant, ISO-certified, and FDA-registered facility, we’re proud to boast the quality, flexibility, and scale necessary for superior craftsmanship and innovation.

What We Do

Water & Environmental Technologies

Our expertise in Water Resource Recovery facilities provides reliable process solutions for clean water. 

Contract Fermentation

With one of the world’s most advanced microbial manufacturing plants, our knowledge, technology, and flexibility are unmatched.

Advanced Probiotic Cleaners

Our comprehensive experience allows us to develop high-performing cleaners for diverse industries — without using harmful chemicals.

Envirozyme Building



Our liquid configurations are designed for convenience. Benefit from timed, pumpable doses, making it easy to stay on track with service. Liquid package volume can be customized to fit your needs, from quart-size to tanker loads.


Created for ease of use, water-soluble pouches allow for highly effective, yet discrete dose control. This powder-based configuration packs the highest count product form. Choose the size that’s right for your application, from hand-size packets to 2,000 pound bulk units. 


Our solid configurations are tailored to your needs. We’ll help you navigate choosing the best scale, volume, and dissolution rate based on your placement environment. These diverse solid shape capabilities create matches for nearly every institutional, municipal, 
or industrial application. 

Contract Packaging

EnviroZyme’s nimble scale and in-depth expertise makes us a logical partner through every step of the process, from R&D to manufacturing and packaging. We’ll work in tandem to develop the right scale and scope for your production process. 



Water & Environmental Technologies

Clean water is essential for healthy people and a healthy planet. EnviroZyme’s microbial solutions use bioaugmentation to naturally and efficiently treat water before it’s returned back into the system. 


We work with farmers to develop targeted bioaugmentation solutions to naturally fortify crop growth. As our global population and rich diet consumption increases, the demand for an efficient, sustainable alternative has never been greater.

Probiotic Cleaning & Janitorial

Many clients require solutions designed for the most active or delicate of spaces. With unmatched consistency and reliability, our microbials work long after application, producing a lasting clean with clear environmental and cost benefits or industrial application. 


Bioaugmentation has proven an effectively natural solution for a wide variety of global needs. Our fully formulated and non-formulated concentrates are strategically designed to be equally high-performing and environmentally considerate.

Our Quality Policy

EnviroZyme is dedicated to producing and supplying high quality biological products in liquid, powder, and solid form. We are committed to satisfying all applicable requirements and to the continual improvement of our quality management system.

ISO CertifiedcGMP certification