A Higher

The science of fermentation is complex. Ensuring the quality of each formulated strain depends upon a process that not only delivers correct bacterial counts, but also guarantees that each fermentation is contamination-free. 

EnviroZyme is committed to delivering this higher standard.

In fact, we’ve created growth conditions that optimize yields and produce the breadth of product needed at the precise scale required. For every client. Every time.

To find out more, contact the team at EnviroZyme today. Where accuracy of formula fermentation is exact. And consistency a given.

High-Quality Strain Production

Lab_370x240Within our new state-of-the-art facility, the dedicated EnviroZyme team follows strict fermentation processes that assure high-quality strain production. All to secure:

  • A contamination-free product
  • Correct bacteria counts
  • High-yielding bacterial performance
  • Consistency of bacterial growth

Bacterial Production Expertise

You don’t want to leave this work to a fermenter that doesn’t follow a real process. Or a company who doesn’t have the high level of commitment to science and quality that you’d expect.

You want EnviroZyme. We're experienced fermentation scientists who oversee production using proven scientific methods. The result? Biologicals that are simply higher performing than any competitive offering.

Broad Product Capability

EnviroZyme currently has more than 20 bacterial strains in production, available in powder, liquid or solid configurations. With many off-the-shelf strains in inventory, it’s likely that we can solve your needs fast and easily, without added production time or cost.

However, EnviroZyme does have the ability to custom ferment. Want us to grow your own strain for production for your manufacture? Or create a unique blend or special pack size? No problem.