Zero-Defect Policy



The science of fermentation is complex. Ensuring the quality of each formulated strain depends upon a process that not only delivers correct bacterial counts, but also guarantees that each fermentation is contamination-free.

EnviroZyme is committed to delivering this higher standard.

In fact, we’ve created growth conditions that optimize yields and produce the breadth of product needed at the precise scale required. For every client. Every time.

Our Controlled Process

EnviroZyme strives to create a Zero-Defect product for our customers. We believe that perfection is not only possible but also required, given the importance of what we produce. Our Zero-Defects Policy implements real solutions to make that happen. For example,

  • We test for several pathogenic bacteria.
  • We maintain retain samples to ensure we constantly monitor stability.
  • We make sure every step is documented per cGMP standards.”

Consistent Strain Production

Lab_370x240Within our new state-of-the-art facility, the dedicated EnviroZyme team follows strict fermentation processes that are rooted in science to assure consistent strain production. All to secure:

  • A contamination-free product
  • Correct bacteria counts
  • High-yielding bacterial performance
  • Consistency of bacterial growth