Water & Environmental Technologies

Case Study: Biological Treatment for Juice Company

A juice company began biological treatment to help control the physicochemical parameters in their effluent. Physicochemical parameters are physical and chemical conditions that affect water quality, like pH and temperature. To comply with the juice company’s standards, levantine intermediate water (LIW) from the natural juice manufacturing processes were treated with EnviroZyme® FOG Digester 5B.
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Case Study: Microbiological Treatment for Grease in Pipes

A production plant in the pork supply industry faced issues with grease clogging production pipelines and causing foul odors. From July 29 to October 29, EnviroZyme® Concentrated Grease Control 10X was added to the pipes once a week to determine whether or not it would be effective against the ongoing grease problems.
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The True Cost of Sludge Accumulation

Anatomy of a Lagoon Wastewater lagoons are man-made basins that leverage natural decomposition to biologically treat organic waste. They are typically composed of 4 volumes:
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Assessing the 2 Most Important Factors in Today’s Pulp and Paper Wastewater Treatment

The pulp and paper industries consume a remarkable amount of water, producing as many as 70 cubic meters of wastewater per metric ton of paper produced. This is due to the necessity of water in just about every process employed in pulp and paper mills, from pulp formation by digestion of wood chips to bleaching to steam generation for drying.
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NEW Solutions for Tough-to-Treat Industrial Waste Streams

EnviroZyme® recently launched 2 new products! These blends of bacteria and micro-nutrients were hand-selected selected for break down of specific complex organic components and contaminants resulting from industrial processes, as well as BOD/COD.
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About EnviroZyme

Headquartered in Bowling Green, Ohio, EnviroZyme is a world leader in the bioaugmentation industry. We leverage the power of naturally sustainable microbial solutions to effectively solve problems for people and the planet — without sacrificing quality or performance.

Our team of expert scientists and strategists collaborate to create, blend, and package custom and off-the-shelf microbial solutions for our clients. As a cGMP-compliant, ISO-certified, and FDA-registered facility, we’re proud to boast the quality, flexibility, and scale necessary for superior craftsmanship and innovation.

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