Water & Environmental Technologies

The Relation Between EPS and Viscous Bulking

In plants that utilize activated sludge, microorganisms produce extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) that play a definite part in sludge flocculation, but what happens when there is too much EPS?
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Case Study: French Fry Factory Sludge

A French Fry Factory’s sludge was treated with an EnviroZyme powdered bioaugmentation product to see if sludge production decreased due to bacterial degradation and not just due to mechanical compaction.
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Case Study: Treated Versus Untreated Grease Traps

The EnviroZyme team performed a grease trap study by experimenting with 2 grease traps. The goal of this experiment was to better analyze field grease trap conditions.
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Money in Manure

In California, dairy farmers with anaerobic digesters can earn air pollution and biofuel credits by capturing methane that comes from biogas instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.
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Case Study: Restoring Nitrification in A Municipal Treatment System

Nitrogen is a key nutrient and essential for all living organisms for survival. Continue reading to learn how nitrogen goes from the atmosphere to living things through the Nitrogen Cycle and why it's important.
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