EnviroZyme® Now Hiring for New Chief Science Officer Position

EnviroZyme® is actively seeking a new Chief Science Officer (CSO) to oversee the scientific functions of our organization, including research projects and new process, technology, and product development.
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Collaborate with EnviroZyme®

We have officially launched a brand-new program that allows prospective and existing clients to collaborate with EnviroZyme® experts to solve real problems and develop new strategies to assist with bioaugmentation and overall functionality.
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Brace for Winter with EZ Cold Weather Organics Control

EnviroZyme’s newest product, EZ Cold Weather Organics Control, is designed to treat cold-temperature wastewater by releasing high counts of microorganisms that are proven to thrive and reproduce in these conditions. Its robust formula targets BOD, COD, FOG, and other organics in lower temperatures.
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Introducing the New and Improved

Step 1 was a revamped brand with an updated logo, colors, fonts, and messaging to better align with our mission of being a leader in development of innovative biological technologies. Step 2 was the creation of a new website to help reflect the refreshed branding. We are proud and excited to announce that an improved is now live and ready for use!
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NEW Solutions for Tough-to-Treat Industrial Waste Streams

EnviroZyme® recently launched 2 new products! These blends of bacteria and micro-nutrients were hand-selected selected for break down of specific complex organic components and contaminants resulting from industrial processes, as well as BOD/COD.
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About EnviroZyme

Headquartered in Bowling Green, Ohio, EnviroZyme is a world leader in the bioaugmentation industry. We leverage the power of naturally sustainable microbial solutions to effectively solve problems for people and the planet — without sacrificing quality or performance.

Our team of expert scientists and strategists collaborate to create, blend, and package custom and off-the-shelf microbial solutions for our clients. As a cGMP-compliant, ISO-certified, and FDA-registered facility, we’re proud to boast the quality, flexibility, and scale necessary for superior craftsmanship and innovation.

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