What You Don’t Know About BOD and COD May Hurt You

Since the Clean Water Act and formation of the EPA in the 1970s, water resource recovery entities in the U.S. have been legally required to continually improve the quality of their effluent. Spurred by rising population and production, however, wastewater quantity has actually increased over the same timeframe. The combination of these 2 factors has necessitated more efficient removal of pollutants to produce discharge within environmental regulatory limits, including with regard to BOD and COD.
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8 Must-Take Steps to Rectify Elevated Ammonia in Effluent

Permit effluent limits for ammonia are becoming more stringent, making its removal one of the most important and most difficult processes to maintain in water resource recovery.
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Case Study: High Grease Food Processing

For the period of 1 year, an EnviroZyme® WWT product was applied in a municipality’s activated sludge plant, which was experiencing difficulties settling due to a high level of grease in its 5 MGD influent and resulting filamentous bacteria. In addition, the plant operators were seeking methods to reduce the high costs incurred dealing with their elevated amounts of secondary sludge.
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Case Study: Bioaugmentation of an Agricultural Wastewater Lagoon

From October 2019 to January 2020, EnviroZyme® Lagoon Pucks—rapid-dissolve biological solids with concentrated bacterial strains specially selected for treating municipal, industrial, and animal wastewater—were applied to the severely overloaded lagoon of a South American agricultural company with 8,000 dairy cows.
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Why Bacillus Species Are the Future of Odor Control

The decomposition of organic matter—whether plant-based like leaves, fruit, and oil or animal-based like meat, dairy, and excrement—produces volatile fatty acids, or VFA. VFA are essential intermediates that play an important role in biodegradation, particularly in anaerobic environments, and are related to malodors.
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