Understanding the Impact of Filaments in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Filamentous bacteria grow in long thread-like strands in which cells do not separate from each other after cell division and grow in the form of filaments. Filaments can dominate in wastewater treatment systems, which has both advantages and disadvantages.
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The Delicate Balance of Nutrients in Wastewater

It is crucial for wastewater treatment plants to have a perfect balance of nutrients, or else it can be harmful and impossible to achieve optimal efficiency.
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Next Generation Probiotic Degreasers v. Conventional Alternatives

At many facilities, there is a demand for cleaning products that can eliminate stubborn grease soils completely. Degreasers might come to mind first, but probiotic cleaners are becoming more and more popular.
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5 Ways Wastewater Treatment Plants Are Impacted by Winter

The cold weather has arrived in most areas, and as a result, winterization of wastewater treatment operations is underway to accommodate the harsh weather and low temperatures.
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3 Ways EnviroZyme® Is a Global Leader in the Bioaugmentation Industry

EnviroZyme® is a leader in the development of innovative biological technologies. Our advanced capabilities produce clean air, water, and energy while directly reflecting our commitment to quality, economic growth, and long-term sustainability.
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About EnviroZyme

Headquartered in Bowling Green, Ohio, EnviroZyme is a world leader in the bioaugmentation industry. We leverage the power of naturally sustainable microbial solutions to effectively solve problems for people and the planet — without sacrificing quality or performance.

Our team of expert scientists and strategists collaborate to create, blend, and package custom and off-the-shelf microbial solutions for our clients. As a cGMP-compliant, ISO-certified, and FDA-registered facility, we’re proud to boast the quality, flexibility, and scale necessary for superior craftsmanship and innovation.

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