Nutrient N12

Macronutrient blend for maximum biological activity

Bacteria/Nutrient blend intended to stimulate a non to less viable biomass providing; macro, micro, carbon source for augmentation.

Applications: Process tanks with limiting variability in food source influent where biomass requires nutrient source to out perform existent or possible toxic conditions preventing a continuous cycle, Holding ponds, Industrial process ponds


Provides deficient macro/micro nutrients for natural and augmented biomass

Speeds metabolism

Extends augmented performance

Consistent biomass degradation performance

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count 31 Million CFU per gram
Bacterial Type Non-pathogenic microbes
Color White
Fragrance None
Gram Negatives Not present
pH N/A
Temperature Range 20 - 40 Celsius
Warranty 2 Year
Storage Temperature 10 - 20 Celsius
Storage Humidity 30 - 60%
Directions for Use

General guidelines for untreated pond/lagoon:
Initial Dosage Maintenance Dosage
20 lbs. per acre for 5 days 1 lb per acre per week

Consult your EnviroZyme representative for best application rates.

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