FOG Digester 1B

FOG reducer and maintainer DSL

FOG Digester 1B is a general purpose biological product and contains a range of high-performance microorganisms developed for use in the biological wastewater treatment of fats, oils and greases. By reducing grease and organic build-up, FOG Digester 1B helps control the resultant malodors, prevents emergency back-ups, and maintains open, flowing drain lines.


Helps to establish a biomass capable of handling these difficult wastes

Reduces grease build-up headaches

Prevents the blocking, ponding and possible collapse of filter-bed media

Increases efficiency of overloaded treatment systems

Significantly reduces odor problems

Enhances BOD and COD removal while improving sludge settlement

Effluent treatment systems
Grease traps
Sanitary and Industrial Waste Water
Septic and holding tanks
Directions for Use

Water soluble packets should be added consistent with influent rates and organic loading. General guidelines are 1lb/ 1mm gpd of flow. Add direct to headworks of aeration zone, process tank, or body of water to treat. Treatment should be daily and when influent load increases, dosage application should double.

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