EZ Anaerobic and Biogas

Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Production

EZ Anaerobic and Biogas is a unique blend of bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients designed to maximize the efficiency of organics breakdown—including COD and FOGs—and methane production in anaerobic waste treatment systems. It is effective on a wide variety of substrates and can be used in upset recovery as well as daily maintenance. Regular usage can allow for higher organic load tolerance and increased methane yields of 20-50%, depending on the substrates, organic loading, dosing, and design of each individual system.

Applications: Anaerobic waste treatment systems including lagoons, covered ponds, completely stirred tank reactors (CSTRs), and upflow treatment systems such as UASBs or EGSBs.


Water-soluble packaging for simple dosing and application

Broad spectrum for use across many substrates and anaerobic applications

Robust formula targets COD/FOG and increases methane yields

Use for system start up, daily maintenance, or anaerobic upset recovery

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count 5 Billion CFU per gram
Bacterial Type Non-Pathogenic Microbes
Color Brown
Fragrance None
Gram Negatives Not Present
pH 6.0 - 9.0
Termperature Range 20 - 40 Celsius
Warranty 2 Year
Storage Temperature 10 - 20 Celsius
Storage Humidity 30 - 50%
Directions for Use

Dosing in lbs.
COD Load
Lbs/Day Start Up / Recovery Daily Maintenance
<3,000 4 1
3,000-6,000 6 2
6,000-10,000 8 2
10,000-15,000 12 4
15,000-20,000 16 5
20,000-30,000 20 6
30,000-40,000 30 8
40,000+ 40+ 12+

Note: Dosing rates are dependent on temperature, pH, substrates, and design of each anaerobic system. The above applications and dosing rates may vary. For problematic systems, please contact your EnviroZyme® technical representative.

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