Ammonia Reducer NS

Industrial/municipal ammonia reduction

Ammonia Reducer NS is specially formulated with a proprietary blend of nitrifying microorganisms to provide a consistent seed of both types of nitrifiers for ammonia conversion. Selected strains of both Nitrosomonas spp. and Nitrobacter spp. are packaged at high concentrations to allow for the rapid reseeding of systems with ammonia issues.

Applications: Treatment plants: Activated sludge systems, Trickling filter and rotating biological contactors, Lagoon systems and holding ponds, Industrial waste high in Nitrogen including farm and cleaning wastes


Accelerates the establishment of nitrification in newly commissioned or seasonally operated plants

Assists in the maintenance of satisfactory nitrification in plants with a history of inconsistent performance

Provides a reseeding mechanism

Reseeds when adverse biochemical conditions limit or stop nitrification

Avoids fines and surcharges for non-compliant effluent ammonia

Tech Specs
Bacteria Count n/a
Bacterial Type Non-pathogenic microbes
Color Brown to Pink
Fragrance Characteristic
Gram Negatives Not present
pH 6 - 9.5
Temperature Range 16 - 35 Celsius
Warranty 1 month (unopened)
Storage Temperature 1 - 5 Celsius
Storage Humidity 30 - 60
Directions for Use

Shake before use. Convert influent flow from gallons to pounds by multiplying by 8.34 (For example, if the flow is 500,000 gpd, that is approx. 4.2 million pounds).
Multiply this value (millions of pounds) by 3 (parts per million) and this will yield the amount of product needed in pounds (For example, 4.2 x 3 = 12.6 lbs).

Permissible pH range (95%) 7.2-9.5
Permissible Temp (95%) 60-95° F
Optimum Temp 85° F
DO level at peak flow >1.0 mg/L
Heavy Metals <5 mg/L
Toxic Organics:
Halogenated Solvents 0 mg/L
Phenol Cresol <20 mg/L
Cyanides <20 mg/L
Oxygen Requirements 4.5 lb O2/lb NH3-N

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