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Water Clarification

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The health of our population, safety of our drinking water, quality of our local environment, and sustainability of our planet all hinge on removing pollutants from the water we use and discard. While scary-sounding chemicals in news-generating headlines do constitute pollution, common substances comprise the vast majority, including food and the metabolic by-products of eating, as well as compounds from washing clothes and dishes. Bioaugmentation—the introduction of pre-grown microbial cultures to native populations—is the cornerstone of water and environmental technologies. EnviroZyme’s specialized microbial solutions and application expertise help purify water before we return it to the environment.

Applications include:

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Municipal and industrial collection systems
  • Septic Tanks
  • Ponds and lagoons
  • Oxygen demand reduction
  • Solids reduction
  • Ammonia and nitrate reduction
  • FOG (fat, oil, and grease) reduction
  • Organic reduction
  • Odor reduction


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EnviroZyme representatives are available for consultation when determining the appropriate products and dosage rates to meet your bioaugmentation and water and environmental technologies goals. Whether you need to treat wastewater, ponds or lagoons, septic systems, ammonia reduction, or grease treatments, EnviroZyme has the solutions for you.

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Water Clarification Efficacy

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Achieve the outstanding results indicated in these water and environmental technologies studies; click on a product type below to browse our inventory of ready-to-use solutions in powder, liquid, or solid configurations. Powders are available in bulk or water-soluble packets, and with solids, bacteria can be delivered in conjunction with other water treatment chemicals.

Contract Fermentation

EnviroZyme also custom ferments and blends microbial solutions specially formulated for specific water clarification applications. Through analyses of physiological conditionals and strain-by-strain performance comparisons, we are able to pinpoint and advance microbiological processes that facilitate optimally successful bioaugmentation, for the good of our customers and the good of our planet.

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