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EnviroZyme offers diverse bioremediation products specifically formulated to degrade then digest a wide range of organic soils and waste in industrial and institutional facilities, including those with delicate equipment, sensitive occupants, and challenging soils. The enhanced performance, safety, and sustainability of our solutions promote clean and safe environments, so organizations may carry out their functions at peak efficiency and in complete compliance with environmental and safety and health standards and regulations.

Applications include:

  • JanSan
  • Odor control 
  • Surfaces
  • Restrooms 
  • Grease control/traps
  • Drains/drain lines
  • Septic and sewer
  • Petroleum soils/industrial organics


Microbes create enzymes

Bacteria produce targeted enzymes that degrade specific food sources, from fats, oils, and greases to uric acid and industrial soils.

Enzymes breakdown waste

Not only does this process create non-harmful byproducts, but it also allows for combination with milder, neutral pH cleaning chemicals.

Microbes digest waste

These products continue to breakdown organic matter long after application, resulting in a continuous clean that is also eco-friendly and cost-effective.


Soils tested: motor oil, cheese, chocolate, cat food, mustard, ketchup, corn oil and fry oil


In just 2 weeks with NO wiping

Microbial solutions control malodors, because they remove them at their source, instead of covering them up:

 “In higher education, we have a lot of issues with restrooms smelling like urine, and I have been turning everyone to [biological solutions]. It does a great job at eliminating odors.”

–Facilities Supervisor

Microbial products also deliver downstream benefits, saving on costly water treatment and eliminating potential backups in buildings’ plumbing, waste collection systems, and municipal wastewater systems.
Municipal Collection System

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Harness the power of microbes for numberless applications in institutional and industrial settings; click on a product type below to browse our inventory of ready-made solutions.

Industrial and Institutional Off-the-Shelf Solutions

EnviroZyme representatives are available for consultation when determining the appropriate
products and dosage rates to solve bioremediation challenges.

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Contract Fermentation

EnviroZyme also custom ferments and blends microbial solutions specially formulated for specific bioremediation applications and soils through analyses of enzymatic profiles, physiological conditionals, and strain-by-strain performance comparisons.

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