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Both microbial biotechnologists and leaders in countless industries agree that bioaugmentation—the addition of pre-grown microbial cultures to existing microbial populations—is the greener, cleaner future for an ever-increasing number of applications. EnviroZyme’s fully formulated and non-formulated liquid bacteria concentrates allow manufacturers of a wide range of industrial, consumer, and institutional products to leverage a biological advantage in their chemical formulations for enhanced performance and sustainability.


Our liquid concentrates contain a single strain or specialized blend of spore-forming bacteria that are carefully selected for maximum biological activity. These products are available both with and without surfactant, fragrance, odor counteractant, dye, and opacifier, as well as in several concentration levels. Whether custom formulated, further formulated, or diluted, our solutions boast the quality and consistency deliverable only by a world-class operation.

Our new facility is one of the most technologically advanced microbial manufacturing plants in the U.S. and is both ISO certified and cGMP compliant. Within it, our dedicated team of experts follows strict fermentation and quality control processes that ensure high-quality strain production from seed to finished product. All to secure:

  • A contamination-free product
  • Correct bacteria counts
  • High-yielding bacterial performance
  • Consistency of bacterial growth

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Bacteria Concentrate

Deliver the outstanding results your customers expect with the power of top-notch bacteria. Browse our inventory of ready-made formulated and non-formulated bacteria concentrates with 2 billion, 4 billion, and 8 billion CFU per gallon. 

EnviroZyme representatives are available for consultation when determining the optimal chemistries for formulations.

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Contract Fermentation

EnviroZyme also custom ferments and blends formulated and non-formulated liquid bacteria concentrates with targeted strains for specific formulation needs or end-use product applications.

In addition—as an operating division of Betco Corporation, a large specialty chemical manufacturer in the commercial cleaning industry—EnviroZyme’s capacity for liquid blending and filling is unprecedented in the industry. Leverage our economies of scale in existing formulations and packaging purchasing power for finished goods.

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