E900-9216 Corporate Capabilities

Markets From research and development to packing and shipping, we do it all in one state-of-the-art facility. Our strategic agility and comprehensive outlook sets us apart. Water & Environmental Technologies Clean water is essential for healthy people and a healthy planet. EnviroZyme’s microbial solutions use bioaugmentation to naturally and efficiently treat water before it’s returned back into the system. Agriculture We work with farmers to develop targeted bioaugmentation solutions to naturally fortify crop growth. As our global population and rich diet consumption increases, the demand for an efficient, sustainable alternative has never been greater. Probiotic Cleaning & Janitorial Many clients require solutions designed for the most active or delicate of spaces. With unmatched consistency and reliability, our microbials work long after application, producing a lasting clean with clear environmental and cost benefits. Formulators Bioaugmentation has proven an effectively natural solution for a wide variety of global needs. Our fully formulated and non-formulated concentrates are strategically designed to be equally high- performing and environmentally considerate. Innovation for people and the planet.