E900-9216 Corporate Capabilities

Capabilities Products Our corporate positioning aligns us with the right supplies and channels. We have the power and expertise necessary to create, blend, and package for any market and client. hand-holding-water Liquids Our liquid configurations are designed for convenience. Benefit from timed, pumpable doses, making it easy to stay on track with service. Liquid package volume can be customized to fit your needs, from quart-size to tanker loads. hockey-puck Solids Our solid configurations are tailored to your needs. We’ll help you navigate choosing the best scale, volume, and dissolution rate based on your placement environment. These diverse solid shape capabilities create matches for nearly every institutional, municipal, or industrial application. sack Powders Created for ease of use, water-soluble pouches allow for highly effective, yet discrete dose control. This powder-based configuration packs the highest count product form. Choose the size that’s right for your application, from hand-size packets to 2,000 pound bulk units. box-open Contract Packaging EnviroZyme’s nimble scale and in-depth expertise makes us a logical partner through every step of the process, from R&D to manufacturing and packaging. We’ll work in tandem to develop the right scale and scope for your production process. badge-check Compliance Leader As a global industry leader, we take our role seriously. We’re proud to be ISO certified, cGMP compliant, and FDA registered. We continually raise the bar for biosolution development. flask Full Technical Lab Perfection is our measure and our responsibility. We guarantee our high-yield strains and blends to be contamination-free and always with the correct bacteria count. Microscope Best-in-Class Equipment We research, develop, produce, and package all on-site in our 6,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility. Each step of the process depends on the industry’s leading technology and equipment — ensuring quality and consistency throughout. vial Technical Expertise Uncompromising quality requires a relentless team. EnviroZyme is built on the best researchers, scientists, engineers, and professionals collaborating to set a continually higher standard in contract fermentation.