“UB+”/ “US+” blocks are made on non-pDCB ingredients, composed of specially formulated bacterial cultures. These blocks are packaged for direct addition to urinals to reduce odors and blockages. This product contains powerful biological cleaning agents, proven to maintain clear and odor free urinal traps and lines. “UB+” / "US+" blocks are specially designed to be safer and less damaging than conventional chemical, pDCB, urinal blocks. “UB+” / "US+" blocks are cost efficient and can save money by reducing the frequency of urinal flushing because they dispense bacteria, water softening agents, and enzymes into the pipelines each time the urinal is used or flushed. The unique formula targets and cleans scaling build-up as it deodorizes.

“US+” are urinal blocks in cages.
They are available in boxes of 12 individually wrapped blocks in cages.

“UB+” blocks are packaged for customer ease and convenience in a pail containing 50 blocks with 2 cages or2 rolls of 12 blocks each in a box.

Store in cool dry location.
Avoid excessive skin contact. SEE M.S.D.S.


Place one "UB+"/ "US+" block in each urinal or every 20 inches (50cm) in trough urinals.
For optimal results, replace when block has dissolved.

“UB+” / "US+" blocks are suitable for all types of urinals, stainless steel, porcelain, and ceramic troughs.

This Product is EcoLogo Approved Under CCD-113

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