“R+” natural septic tank treatment in a powder form increases the capacity of overloaded septic systems, reduces grease problems, scum blankets and offensive odors. It digests sewage wastes and solids keeping leach field lines open, improving percolation. “R+” replenishes the bacterial enzyme activity needed in subsurface systems, septic systems and cesspools that household cleaners, germicides and bleaches destroy.“R+” is non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, non-corrosive and non-volatile.

“R+” is available in a 3mo. start up, 1yr supply, and 2yr supply.

DO NOT FREEZE! Store in cool dry location. Do not inhale dusts, avoid excessive skin contact. SEE M.S.D.S


1.Once a month take a pouch from the container and drop in toilet bowl. 

2.Once the water soluble pouch breaks open and begins to disperse you can flush the toilet. 

3.Repeat every month until product is gone. (Reorder and repeat to maintain a clean and clear system)

This Product is EcoLogo Approved Under CCD-113

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