NEW! “EZFish+” nitrifying bacteria is designed to provide ammonia reduction through biological oxidation, in fish and prawn / shrimp hatchery ponds . With continual use of "EZFish+" you will notice a increase in denitrification rates, increased water clarity, decrease in ammonia and odors, as well as a lower pH. Nitrification is the biological or biochemical process in which ammonia is oxidized to nitrite, and nitrite oxidized to nitrate and requires low BOD/COD levels in high dissolve oxygen concentrations. “EZFish+” nitrifying bacteria is a liquid fermentation product of Nitrobacter spp., Nitrosomonas spp., and other facultative naturally occurring bacteria, which are of the type to help facilitate nitrification/denitrification process under certain conditions that may occur in fish and shrimp hatchery situations.

“EZ504+” is available in 10, 25 and 50 pound containers. All packaging options for this product come in water soluble pouches for easy application.


Initial dosage is 60 lbs. of "EZ504+" per acre and 1-2 lbs. per week maintenance. If your in a colder climate start treatment when water has reached 50ºF.

*"EZ504+" can depress dissolved oxygen content initially, especially in waters with a high organic content.