Often times, ponds and lagoons are choked with vegetation, plagued by murky water and unsightly sludge build-up. "EZ Blue Powder+" provides a two phase solution to these problems by combining the benefits of naturally powerful bacterial cultures with potent blue pond dye.

Once applied, the bacteria immediately begin digesting the sludge and suspended solids, removing the food source for algae and weeds while improving water clarity. The earth friendly dye tints the water a sparkling blue that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps by filtering the red-orange and blue-violet spectrum from the sunlight which is most often associated with algae and other aquatic plant growth. Once applied to the water "EZ Blue Powder+" wont stain fowl, pets, or fish and is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable.

“EZ Blue Powder+” is packaged 30x8oz water soluble pouches in a round blue pail.

Benefits of "EZ Blue Powder+" include:
  • Coloring enhances the appearance of ponds, lakes and fountains
  • Lower pH
  • Safe for humans, fowl, pets, and fish
  • Reduce Sludge
  • Inhibits photosynthesis to discourage plant growth
  • Reduces Ammonia
  • Reduces Odors
  • Will not stain humans, fowl, pets or fish
  • No affect on irrigation water quality


"EZ Blue Powder+" works best when used in the spring and early summer. Add 1lb. of product per acre, increasing dosing as necessary to achieve desired effect. Water flow and sunlight will determine how long the blue dye lasts in your pond or lake. Repeat dosing every four to six weeks as necessary to maintain desired blue tint.

"EZ Blue Powder+" can depress dissolved oxygen levels initially, especially in ponds or lagoons with high organic content. "EZ Blue Powder+" is non-hazardous but it is advisable to wear rubber gloves and protect clothing during application to prevent stains.

Best results obtained in ponds with ten foot depths or greater. Shallow waters may experience intense blue coloring.