NEW! “EZFish+” nitrifying bacteria is designed to provide ammonia reduction through biological oxidation, in fish and prawn / shrimp hatchery ponds . With continual use of "EZFish+" you will notice a increase in denitrification rates, increased water clarity, decrease in ammonia and odors, as well as a lower pH. Nitrification is the biological or biochemical process in which ammonia is oxidized to nitrite, and nitrite oxidized to nitrate and requires low BOD/COD levels in high dissolve oxygen concentrations. “EZFish+” nitrifying bacteria is a liquid fermentation product of Nitrobacter spp., Nitrosomonas spp., and other facultative naturally occurring bacteria, which are of the type to help facilitate nitrification/denitrification process under certain conditions that may occur in fish and shrimp hatchery situations.

“EZFish+” is available in ½ lb (230 mL) containers.

pH - Range of 7.0-9.0, optimum 7.8
Alkalinity - 7.1 CaCO3/NH3 consumed
Temperature - 45-104OF  
Dissolved Oxygen - 4.5 mg O2/mg NH3  

Nitrification and denitrification are the processes by which nitrogen is cycled within an aquatic ecosystem. Nitrification is an aerobic process where ammonia nitrogen is oxidized to nitrate. Two organisms are primarily responsible for nitrification in aquatic systems. The organism Nitrosomonas is responsible for the conversion of NH3 to NO2. NO2 is then converted to NO3 by the organism Nitrobacter. These organisms have specific requirements for successful nitrification in waste treatment systems. Those requirements are listed below:


For every 1,000 Liters of pond mix 10 mL of “EZFISH+” with 10 Liters of pond water and apply to entire surface of pond.

Use within 30 minutes of mixing product.

Application rate may be adjusted between 10-20 mL depending upon organic accumulation from hatchery pond ecosystem.