If you have ever been in charge of cleaning and maintaining lift stations, then you know what a greasy, smelly, dirty job it really is, especially if you have to manually scrape the grease shelves! With ENVIRO-ZYME'S BC+ lift station maintenance block you can leave that past behind. Our specially designed bacterial block digests a wide range of greases, fats, oils, and organic wastes biologically through bacterial digestion. The bacteria contained in BC+ is 100% non-pathogenic, non-toxic & specially selected for their ability to degrade the compounds that slow down and clog up your lift station. BC+ contains absolutely no chemicals so there’s no need to worry about health hazards or material corrosion. Once applied in the lift station, BC+ goes to work, immediately digesting fats, oils, grease and organics & even eliminates grease shelves! BC+ lasts 30 days dependent on flow rate. When used as directed BC+ is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

How long will it last?
Field experience has shown that in a pumping station with a flow of 500,000 gpd, the "BC+", lift station maintenance block, should last 30 days. This is not to say however that in a station with a flow of 50,000 gpd that the "BC+" will last 300 days. We have had reports of "BC+" lasting as long as three weeks. One customer with a pumping station with a flow of 780,000 gpd reports that the product lasts on an average of 40 days.

2lb. cube in a mesh application bag, 12 per cs.
5lb. cube in a mesh application bag, 4 per cs.
10lb. cube in a mesh application bag, 2 per cs.

DO NOT FREEZE! Store in cool dry location.
Do not inhale mists, avoid excessive skin contact. SEE M.S.D.S.

Up to 25,000 gpd
2 pounds per month
Up to 50,000gpd 5 pounds per month
Up to 100,000gpd 5-10 pounds per month
Up to 250,000gpd 10 pounds per month
Dosage rates very with flow rates, retention times and grease accumulation. This rate is for a typical lift station.



1. When locating "BC+" in the wet well/ lift station, DO NOT place "BC+" directly into the flow of incoming sewage. The turbulence and "washing effect" will greatly reduce the longevity of this product. Ideally, "BC+" should be placed in a less turbulent area of the wet well / lift station, but not in a dead spot.   

2. "BC+" should be suspended in the wet well / lift station so that it is always submerged in water, even at the lowest water level. This will assure maximum contact time with the organics providing superior results. 

3. If a grease shelf is present during placement of cube, it is recommended to raise the high level flow so that the bacteria can attack the grease shelf from top, bottom and sides.