B.O.D.seed increases accuracy and consistency in B.O.D. testing and eliminates costs associated with collecting and maintaining an acclimatized seed. Each B.O.D.seed capsule contains specialized microbial cultures to provide a broad range of organisms suitable for most types of industrial and municipal waste water.

One capsule of B.O.D.seed provides enough acclimatized seed for up to 250 B.O.D. tests daily, at a cost of pennies per test and in strict accordance with "Standards Methods" as established by the U.S.E.P.A.

  • Certified Pathogen Free
  • Manufactured in the USA since 1987


  • Form: Free-flowing granular powder in a capsule, 50 capsules per bottle.
  • Color: Brown, capsule is clear


1. Add the contents of one B.O.D.seed capsule to 500ml dilution water prepared in accordance with Standard Methods. Avoid loss of material. Discard the capsule. Not all components of the product will dissolve. Fresh capsule solution should be prepared each working day.

2. Allow to rehydrate for one hour with continuous aeration. Maintain the prepared seed for that day at 20 degrees C. Allow to settle for 15 minutes after aeration has stopped. Best results are obtained by drawing of aliquot one or two inches below surface.Be careful not to draw from the bottom, as the presence of undissolved material may lead to non-uniform results.

3. For the seed control: Initially, set up seed controls of 5 ml, 10 ml, and 15 ml. Parameters such as method and duration of aeration, settling time, dilution water quality, and draw-off method will affect both the values obtained and uniformity of results. Keeping the parameters as constant as possible will increase uniformity of results from day to day. After you have determined the optimum volume of seed water for your seed controls, you may wish to refine your range of sample sizes for seed control. Many technicians have decided on volumes of 3 ml, 5 ml, and 7 ml for seed controls.

Seed correction factor = V1* (DO1 - DO2) / V2
Where DO1 = Dissolved Oxygen of seed control before incubation, mg/1.
DO2 = Dissolved Oxygen of seed control after incubation, mg/1.
V1 = Volume of seed in BOD sample
V2 = Volume of seed in seed control

4. Seeding of samples and standards: The BOD Seed solution can be drawn off and used at the rate of 2.0 ml per 300 ml of test solution. Used as directed, B.O.D. seed is non-toxic and completely safe to handle.