Enviro-Zyme Sewage Treatment System
and Septic Tank Treatment Testimonials

Read how others have used Enviro-Zyme plumbing enzymes as solutions for septic tank,
grease trap systems, and toilet paper plumbing problems.

"It ("BC+") pays for itself by reducing the need for suction trucks, jetting the lines and less maintenance of floats and lift stations."

The Collection system of a military base has consistent problems with grease build-up in the gravity sewer and lift station. The problems were solved by installing a solar powered metering pump and dosing 1 gallon per day of "LGD+" into a manhole 400 yards upstream of the lift station.

This State Park in southern Indiana continued a seasonal campground with a collection system leading to a central lift station. From the lift station the waste pumps approximately 3.5 miles through an 8" polyethylene force main. Over a number of years the force main gradually plugged with grease and solids until the flow was almost stopped. "LGD+" was added at the rate of 5 gallons per day for ten days. Very little change was noted for several days. At the end of ten days the flow suddenly started and a continuous flow of grease and solids was discharged from the force main.

1500 cubic feet of grease had accumulated in the scum pit and 35 cubic feet was being added each week. Disposal involved manual removal for transporting to a landfill.

A month after adding "GT+", operators were beginning to notice subtle improvements in floc formation and in the biological community as a whole. The 1500 cubic feet of grease accumulation was beginning to degrade and two months later it was gone.

A two story home in Rockton, IL was purchased with a slow drain problem. Pumping the tank didn't improve the slow drain problem, which meant the problem was in the home's plumbing.

Faced with the options of replacing the drain pipes or cleaning them, the owners decided to use R+ to biologically break down build-up on the pipes to restore full flow. After a few weeks of treatment the pipe's flow was restored.